These are the beers I've brewed so far -

1. Buescher Stout - This was a solid Irish Stout (like Guiness). I was putting the airlock into the bucket and accidentally pushed the rubber seal all the way in and it fell into 5 gallons of pitch black beer. My roommate was on his way home from work when I called him - perfect! He can pick me up a new rubber seal! But there was a cost - he would only get me the rubber seal if I named the beer after him! Thus, Buescher Stout. (Created with the standard dry yeast.)

2. Indian Giver Pale Ale - My friend Chris helped me name this IPA. (Similar to Red Hook's IPA.) One of my favorite styles - real spicey (not hot but full of flavor). The British used tons of hops so that beer would last the long journey from England to India. (Created with the standard dry yeast.)

3. Steam Engine - This is a Steam style ale (similar to Anchor Steam). This style was invented in California, it uses a lager yeast to make an ale. (Created with a liquid lager yeast.)

4. Porters Pleasure - This a Wheat beer (similar to hefewizens and unfiltered wheats) with added orange peel and coriander with a liquid Belgian yeast - this one turned out absolutely incredible! One of Belgian quality! This was made with my friend Mike Porterfield.

5. Red Man Ale - This is an ultra smooth Irish Red style ale (similar to Killian's Red). Too smooth for my taste (I like the bite and spice). I made this with my friend Chris for his Dad for Christmas. We got overzealous and made 6 gallons - which weakened it a bit, but we got 59 bottles! (Created with the standard dry yeast.)

6. Screamin' Cream - This is a cream style ale - which I'd never heard of before, but it is creamy. I used a liquid Belgian yeast with it, that adds a slight  fruity aroma and flavor. This was made for my Dad, for Christmas. I even created labels. I'll have a photo available soon.

7. Pale English Boy - Classic english pale ale with a liquid fruity yeast. Pretty good, I was hoping for something more bitter. The name made for lots of good jokes. (We keep the pale english boy in the closet. He eventually came out of the closet.)

8. Stiff Upper Lip - A robust porter with lots of flavor. A roasty flavor similar to coffee and a sweetens of chocolate. Porters are black like Guiness but sweeter.

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