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TERMS AND CONDITIONS for K-H Travel  Airline Travel Authorization Certificate

1. The Airline Travel Authorization Certificate (ATAC) is valid for one round trip ticket in coach class from departure city, to destination city and return to departure city. ATAC is valid for one carrier and/or code sharing carrier.

2. Travel dates, departure city, destination city and return to departure city are based upon availability.

3. Airline carrier will be selected by K-H Travel based on times requested by passenger and or best times and routes available.
4. K-H Travel will be responsible for any airline carrier administrative fees in conjunction with issuing the  Confirmation Number and Electronic Ticket.

5. To receive a Confirmation Number and Electronic Ticket, the ATAC must be received by K-H Travel twenty four (24) days prior to the date of travel departure. Confirmation Number and Itinerary will be issued within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of the ATAC by K-H Travel. An Electronic Ticket will be issued by K-H Travel within 24 to 48 hours prior to the passengers travel departure. Receipt of the E-Ticket will be provided as requested on the verified ATAC received by K-H Travel.

6. Only K-H Travel can issue the Confirmation Number, Itinerary and the Electronic Ticket.

7. Date and time changes may only be made through K-H Travel. An undetermined Airline Carrier change fee will be assessed at the time of the requested change. A new issued Itinerary will be provided within seventy two (72) hours of receipt of the ATAC Change Form. K-H Travel will notify each passenger as each has indicated on the ATAC Change Form; by Telephone, Fax and/or Email. Upon payment for the change fee,  K-H Travel will release the passengers Confirmation Number.
(Please note, all airline carriers have unique change fees that are provided by each carrier. K-H Travel has no quoted change fee pricing and will provide each request for change with adequate information from each airline carrier.)

8. Electronic Tickets are issued through an (ARC) Airline Reporting Corporation accredited agency.

9. Upgrade coupons and/or certificates may be used with an issued ticket. Upgrades may be made from coach class to the next class of service by paying the airline carrier the difference between the full coach fare and the next class of service. If an upgrade certificate is provided with the ATAC, K-H Travel will provide your upgrade, based on your coupon and/or certificate with your request.

10. Frequent flier miles are not awarded for this travel. 

11. A passenger traveling outside of the United States is required to have certain travel documents,  including but not limited to a valid photo identification, passport, a round-trip airline ticket or proof of onward travel and a visa; some countries have a departure tax payable at the airport. The passenger is responsible for these items and should contact the destination country's consulate for details.

12. All travel using this ATAC must be completed by the expiration date printed on the front of this certificate. The expiration date may not be extended.

13. Funds from the purchase of this Certificate are held in an escrow account by Johnston & Webb Holding Company, Southwest Bank, 700 Clayton Corporate Park Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63105. Telephone: 314 504 5622. Distribution of funds out of the escrow account occurs upon redemption or expiration of the ATAC. Error and/or omission in the part of K-H Travel shall guarantee a choice of a Refund or Two Travel Certificates which may be used within a 12 month period.

14. To receive a refund on an ATAC that has not been redeemed for an Electronic Ticket, prior to expiration, return the actual certificate, proof of original purchase price with a written refund request to Johnston & Webb Holding Company
4100 Laclede, Suite 305
 St. Louis, Missouri 63108.
Telephone: 314 504 5622.
Please allow thirty days for a refund less a $50 refund charge.

15. Any and all expenses incidental to the ticket issued are the responsibility of the passenger. Such expenses include but are not limited to: transportation to and from any airport, lodging, meals and entry or tourist fees.

16. K-H Travel is not liable for any expenses incurred as a consequence of a flight cancellation.  
17. K-H Travel does not assume any liability or responsibility for damage, expense or Inconvenience, loss, injury, death, or damage to any persons on any airline carrier or in transit to and from airline carrier or for any cause.

Purchase and Travel Guarantee
K-H Travel
, Airline Travel Authorization Certificates are for sale and may be purchased by providing complete information of Name First and Last, Address and preferred travel departure location. Email, Telephone and/or fax number for receipt of travel information for itinerary purposes only. Then you may provide the form along with a personal check, certified check and/or money order made payable to: Johnston & Webb Holding Company, by Southwest Bank, 700 Clayton Corporate Park Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63105. All travel moneys are held in an escrow account where upon the booking of your travel your assigned distribution of funds will be released for flight payment. Authorized Certificates are released upon receipt of payment and verified by K-H Travel, 11469 Olive Blvd., Suite 291, Saint Louis, Missouri 63141. All travel must be completed through K-H Travel in the Terms and Conditions stated within this document. For more information please contact our office via: info@k-htravel.com  or through the form on our web site: Purchase/More Information Page.

Any travel that has been booked and registered with K-H Travel and that has not been completed in good faith as written in the Terms and Conditions in this document will be granted the following travel by and only through K-H TravelK-H Travel will provide each registered passenger with two complimentary travel certificates to travel to any destination booked by K-H Travel for a period of one year from receipt of each complementary travel certificate. Each passenger will be required to travel before the expiration date published on the issued Airline Travel Authorization Certificate provided only through K-H Travel.

Legal Disclaimer
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